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Keynote Speaker

Trailblazer. Innovator. Difference Maker. SAWC Fall's Keynote Speaker Announced!
Oluyinka Olutoye MD, PhD

As a Trailblazer and Difference Maker, Dr. Olutoye is a world-renowned fetal and pediatric surgeon who leads research on the role of the inflammatory response in scarless fetal wound healing and in-utero correction of severe congenital malformations. 

Dr. Olutoye’s inspirational work in fetal surgery has blazed trails in wound care and research and represents what we want to celebrate at SAWC Fall – inspiration, innovation and discovery to advance the field of wound care. Join us this Fall to hear from Dr. Olutoye about his strategic research, his inspiring path to wound healing, and his innovative thinking that brought fetal wound healing to the field. 

If you just take a step back from the every day, you will find information in those things that will solve the problems of tomorrow.
I hope to bring a collaborative leadership style, a spirit of excellence, a tireless dedication to best-outcomes, and to share a vision for transformative and sustainable growth as we move from excellence to preeminence.

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