SAWC Attendees Have a Few Words for You ...

Attendees of the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Fall (SAWC Fall) meeting are often excited to share their experience … and they have good reason. SAWC is an inclusive, interdisciplinary, and innovative event that is unmatched in its level of education, its advanced state-of-the-art clinical reviews, and its presentation of emerging research findings.

But you don’t have to take our word for it …

The ability to involve multiple disciplines and subject matter experts in a real-time discussion of relevant topics synergistically increases the availability of a working body of knowledge that will lead us further into the advancement of wound care. I love SAWC!

--Samantha Kuplicki, APRN

Comprehensive and multidisciplinary conference that truly embraces all fields of practitioners in which all can learn something new from another field that greatly impacts my practice going home. Well worth the annual trip!

--Shannon Shedd, PT

This was my first time attending SAWC and it truly exceeded my expectations. The level of expertise and variety of topics made for a well-rounded experience. Being in the company of so many people as excited and passionate about wounds as you are motivates you to learn as much as you can and it creates a renewed energy to go back to your practice with. Very valuable experience!

­­--Jacey Witmer, Nurse Manager

In order to be the best, you have to learn from the best. SAWC brings wound care to the forefront of your education and leaves you wanting more. You will never be disappointed by attending an SAWC conference, but you will be disappointed if you do not attend.”

--Elida Cervante, DPM

 Amazing! Eye opening! Everyone who practices in any aspect of wound care should attend at least one time. Everyone involved in the patient care to heal wounds have such an essential role, and here you can see how we all work together in achieving wound healing.”

--Cintya Figueroa-Cazares, RN

 Attending SAWC my first time and definitely a beginning of more intentional learning, sharing and networking with professionals who share the same passion in making a difference in healing wounds and bringing back the zest for a life lived well❤.

--Larpie Castro, NP

 The SAWC meetings provide educational opportunities that are both clinical and evidence-based. The conference allows participants to meet a variety of colleagues and vendors with whom they can share knowledge and clinical experience. It’s great to feel the energy of those who are excited about wound care, and what we can do for the patients.”

--Monique Abner, MD